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Automatic Cooling Gel Patch Cartoning Machine
Automatic cooling patch packing machine is mainly used for automatic packaging of cooling patch and collation 10 or 5 bags into carton and if it can connect the front printing equipment or equipment of making trays connecting printers, this will improve p
Automatic Carton Packing Machine
The automatic carton packing machine is applicable for foods and drugs, or Non food and drug carton packing. Such as: Pharmacy, baked goods, face mask, auto spare parts and ect.
Automatic Stick Ice Cream Cartoning Machine
The automatic cartoning machine is suitable for various Ice Cream Type: stick ice cream, popsicle, ice pop, ice lolly, ice bar, ice cream on a stick, multi-color spiral ice cream.
Automatic Preservative Film Cartoning Machine
The automatic cartoning machine is suitable for packing aluminum foil, preservative film, self-seal bag and ect.
Automatic Facial Tissue Cartoning Machine
It is suitable for facial tissues, napkins, square tissues, pocket tissues, sanitary, towels, pads, etc.
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